C.A.N. Pavilion Foundation


WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME WATERS AND WE CAN…” Honoring the nature of compassion through creative arts. COMPASSION + ART + NATURE + APPRECIATION + EVENTS!

We are a registered non-profit organization that operates as a living organism enriched by different perspectives in an international level, which has as its objectives the awareness about the consciousness of the practice and nature of Compassion, the promotion of Art creativity expressions and the cultivation of Observation & Appreciation.

Through the multiplatform Compassion Art Nature (C.A.N.) Pavilion International Foundation, all will be able to reflect on the meaning & value of the practice and nature of Compassion, share your materials, messages, perspectives and time about it, learn it from different organizations experiences and help concrete action in different projects we carefully research, award and support.

We encourage young children, parents, teachers, professionals, adults, community leaders, everyone to reflect, create, share, experience and show the practice of Compassion in their lives.

Our main service is to build a global living community around the awareness on the practice of Compassion in Action between those who like to use their time and skills to co-create and those who manifest kindness in the field projects around the world.

To be part of our community, we invite you to follow us, share your time, ideas, choices & materials in our forums. You could be able to participate in our diverse programs & activities worldwide.


-Embracing Presence.

-Observing Awareness.

-Practicing Compassion.

-Creating Empathy.

-Building Community.

-Inspiring Kindness.

-Helping compassionate projects.

-Fundraising action.

-Promoting dialogue.

-Encouraging art expression.

-Volunteering time.

-Respecting Nature.

-Recognize Example.

-Award Achievement.

-Deep Listening.


-Art Therapies

-Building Trust

-Remembering wisdom

-Collective Leadership

-Gift exchanges

-Education from I to WE


Our association is managed by a team of enthusiastic people all working together collectively ad honorem:

Arch. Tiziano Inguanotto (  Sec. Gral and Logistics ) 


Judith Salsa 

Cathy Van Kher 

Farhad Milani